[RFC] Solana

Request for Coverage

In partnership with the Solana Foundation, Our Network is putting out a RFC on Solana, to be published in this week's newsletter.

Interested contestants should submit an entry with 3 data-driven insights on Solana network health using this submission form.

  • Due Date: EOD Thursday, April 1st
  • Bounty: 5000 USDC 💰 (awarded to top submission)
  • Judges: Spencer Noon (Variant/Our Network)

Helpful Tips

  • For those interested in making a client or doing frontend work, the Solana JSON RPC is a great data source
  • Click here for a high level overview on Solana's CLI tools
  • Be sure to check out explorer.solana.com
  • Bonfida also has good/simple APIs to query for Serum and parts of Solana (link here)
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