OurNetwork Learn: Web3's Learn-to-Earn Data Cohort Program

Applications are now closed, please follow along in the public materials link (coming out November 1st, 2021).

OurNetwork contributors and the Dune team are partnering up to bring to fruition Web3's first learn-to-earn data program. We'll spend 30 days teaching a cohort of 30 students how to analyze data in Web3 and communicate their work publicly.

The program uses an application system, so there's no buying your way into this cohort. Even if you don't make it into the cohort, all material will be released publicly on Mirror for anyone to follow along with. We'll go into the specifics soon, but first...

Let's break down this program more intentionally:

  • Why 30 days and 30 students: We decided to build upon the 30for30 cohort model, which really grabbed our attention. It's a small enough group that the teachers can really form a bond with and help each student. We'll probably play with this number more in future programs. I don't think I need to tell you that learning any new skill is about consistency, and doing something for 30 days straight is a great starting point.
  • Learn-to-earn is a novel mechanism for students: This is something we're all really excited about. Our program will be free to take part in, with a one-week open application process. Students who are accepted will get an NFT that gives them access to all parts of the course. There will also be ETH bounties that scale up each week, which will exist to motivate course completion and reward stellar efforts. All ETH will come from our sponsors, detailed later on below.
  • Communicating publicly is about learning, integrity, and community ethos: Web3 is all about learning and presenting in public. Whether that is on Twitter, Discord, Discourse, or some other platform, it doesn't matter - as long as you are connecting with the community directly. Sharing your work will force you to communicate more clearly in your data visualizations and story, and also force a much higher standard of learning and integrity - you can't just gloss over the details anymore. You're going to be wrong many times, but you'll be much better off afterward (with new friends by your side now too).
  • It's time to flip the switch for teachers: I'm a firm believer that I am where I am today because of the astounding and compassionate teachers that have supported me in my past. There's always some intermediary that ends up taking the credit (like a school name), making it hard to attribute students' success back to their teachers. On top of that, teachers also end up with a low financial compensation to effort ratio. In this program, everything occurs on-chain, so there will forever be a link between the content, students, and teachers. And while I won't reveal any other details now, you can begin to imagine how involving DAO tokens in this program could give teachers more upside and attribution through their students' future successes (and vice versa).

I hope you're as excited about this as we all are. It's time to dive into the details and people behind this program👇🏽

Course Syllabus

The course will be staffed by six OurNetwork contributors alongside two Dune team members, shown below:

As mentioned, the course will be taught over a 30 day period, starting on October 25th and ending on November 24th.

All content will be released publicly with one week delays as Mirror entry editions (NFTs). For each lecture, if you collect the corresponding edition then you'll get access to extra content on glass.xyz. If you collect all 8 lecture NFTs, there may or may not be some special reward for you. 😉 All proceeds from collecting those entries will go directly to the teachers through the use of splits.

There will be 2 lectures a week, with focus groups an hour a day to work through queries and dashboards. We may adjust this if the pace is too fast/difficult for everyone.

Week one: Learning to become an Etherscan detective, no using premade tables yet!

  • Lecture 1: Looking at basic call and event data on Ethereum L1.
    • navigation on Dune, and how to do basic SELECT queries on data tables.
  • Lecture 2: Creating basic statistics for L2 data and bridges potentially.
    • how to do aggregate, group by, and CTE queries

Week two: Making sense of smart contracts, specifically learning to work with composability!

  • Lecture 3: Decoding smart contracts into data tables and working with data from multiple events
    • How to do basic joins and unions, and using Dune Decode
    • Using tables prices.usd to get to more informed data tracking.
  • Lecture 4: Querying across DeFi and DAOs
    • More advanced joins, and windows/partitions.
    • Introduce dex.trades.

Week three: Putting it all together, to become an open-source query Dune Wizard!

  • Lecture 5: Creating complex but reusable queries.
    • How to create User Generated Views and Materialized views
  • Lecture 6: Working with NFTs
    • Working with nft.trades and NFTs more generally

Week four: Dashboards and Storytelling, really connect with the community behind the data!

  • Lecture 7: Telling stories with your charts, formatting well
  • Lecture 8: All about using parameters for really custom and flexible dashboards.

Protocol Sponsorships

A data course is nothing without good data. We could have chosen the protocol datasets arbitrarily, but we wanted to build a deeper relationship between students and protocol teams. As such, we have created protocol sponsorships with some of the top teams on Ethereum that have shown a strong history of data analytics and storytelling.

These protocols will be the primary focus for all course content and work published by students. They will appear on all course material as well, and have special access in our discord to work with students. All the ETH from sponsors will go directly to bounties for students - none of it goes to the teachers, Dune, or OurNetwork.

We have 1 ETH commitments from three protocol sponsors who we're super excited to work with:

  1. Rabbithole: RabbitHole is the place to learn and earn crypto while discovering the latest crypto applications
  2. Genie Swap: The First NFT Marketplace Aggregator. Buy and sell multiple NFTs across all major markets in a single transaction.
  3. Index Coop: Index Coop creates and maintains the world's best crypto index products.

For our final sponsor, we're going to do an open auction starting at 0.5 ETH. Once the first bid is in, the auction will last for three days. If you want to be a sponsor and have any questions about the program, feel free to DM me. Please note you should only bid if you are a protocol on Ethereum Mainnet or Polygon.

Student Applications

Now you're probably wondering, how do I get into this program?

We've created a short application form which you can find here. We're not looking for technical experience, we're looking for someone who is genuinely interested in using data for the good of the Web3 community and comes from a diverse background. So think of creative ways you can showcase all that, in this form or otherwise!

We'll be reviewing the applications up until October 20th 6pm EST. On October 22nd 10 AM EST we will release the admitted list on Mirror, where students will be able to claim their membership with an NFT.

Best of luck to you all, we look forward to welcoming our first class very, very soon. ❤️

-Andrew Hong

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