OurNetwork Learn: All Lectures and Materials

For anyone looking for an overview of the program more generally, check the original announcement post here. The students accepted and application methodology can be found here.

We’ll be posting all course material with a one-week delay on this entry post. For anyone who is trying to completely replicate the course format and tools, here’s the syllabus/methodologies we use that contains almost all the resources we’ve provided to students.

All lectures, focus group recordings (practice problems), and protocol sponsor presentations will be accessible free in this youtube playlist, and are further described in detail with slides below.

To support this course and future versions of it, please collect one of the entry editions of this post. We’ll definitely remember it if you do! 😊 All ETH raised from entry editions will be sent directly to this split across teachers (feel free to send any donations directly to the split as well), we appreciate any and all support from students and protocols! ❤️

Students will be tackling bounties each week as well, focused on the protocol sponsors and their data questions. Their payouts are shown below, using the reward structure described in the syllabus:

Week One: Learning to become an Etherscan detective, and understanding the data/token landscape!

Intro/Syllabus overview:

Lecture 1: Looking at basic call and event data on Ethereum. Here we covered navigation on Dune, and how to do basic SELECT and WHERE queries on token transfer data tables. (Andrew)

Focus Group 1, we created a query following the Web3 quick query resource

Genie-Swap presentation: Recording by Scott

Lecture 2: Understanding ERC20 and ERC721 standards, decoding contracts on Dune/what ABIs are, and how to use aggregate functions, GROUP BY, and CTE queries/subqueries. (Kofi)

Focus Group 2, we went over DPI holder query from protocol questions

Rabbithole presentation: Recording by Trevor

Week Two: Making Sense of Smart Contracts and Multiple Aggregate Tables

Focus Group 3: Answering students’ questions from the first week, and talking through examples of a contract pattern from a factory (with and without proxies, and why one would choose a certain pattern).

Lecture 3: Learning about the different kinds of JOINs, and how they are different from UNIONs. We used prices.usd and DPI/ETH pools to study this. (JD)

Focus Group 4: Continuing our dive into DPI/ETH liquidity pool data on Uniswap V2 and V3, and creating multiple token price feeds while selecting just the most recent price.

Lecture 4: How dex.trades is constructed, and how to query across DEX exchanges and aggregators for two tokens. (Danning)

Focus Group 5: We study how some DEX volume metrics can be constructed, as well as Compound Governance + Solidity Visual Debugger tooling for visualizing contract flows.

IndexCoop Presentation: Recording by JD

Week Three: Diving into NFTs and data visualizations!

Focus Group 6: We review everything about table mappings in Ethereum, and walk through some examples of contract sleuthing to find the contracts, events, and functions.

Lecture 5: How nft.trades is constructed, and how to query across NFT marketplaces and create user-generated views. (Rantum)

Focus Group 7: Working through complex data visualizations with Impossible Finance staking data (the first 55 minutes are most useful).

Lecture 6: Boxer takes us through all the need-to-know tips for doing data visualization on Dune. (Boxer)

Focus Group 8: Boxer walks everyone through his journey in web3 and also some high-quality dashboards on Dune.

Focus Group 9: Covering time-series queries on balances and mints of NFTs/ERC20 tokens, and reviewing the muted section from last week

Lecture 7: Boxer takes us through more dashboards and creates one from scratch (Boxer)

Lecture 8: Michael takes us through everything you need to know about creating and using parameters flexibly in a dashboard and across many queries. (Michael)

And that’s all the material! Best of luck going through it, and feel free to ask questions in the #ournetwork discord channel embedded in the glass.xyz hosted site.

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